Red Sonja Empire Damned #2 Cover B Linsner

Dynamite Entertainment

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Armed with a bloodstained map and the tale of a warlock's treasure, the She-Devil With a Sword sets out on her quest for a dead city forgotten to history. The way is long and arduous, and danger lurks around every corner - but so too do some brave souls who share Sonja's thirst for adventure. As the days turn into weeks, Sonja and her growing company move ever closer to their goal - but are her companions really who they appear to be? The first Red Sonja tale penned by 30 Days of Night's STEVE NILES takes flight in this spectacular second issue, featuring amazing interior art by ALESSANDRO AMORUSO and equally exciting covers from JOSHUA MIDDLETON, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, PHILLIP TAN, and cosplay by RACHEL HOLLON!