Msh Secret Wars Battleworld TPB

Marvel Comics

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Return to Battleworld! Get ready for a new story set during the 1980s classic SECRET WARS! On the Beyonder's patchwork planet, Spider-Man has just donned his new alien black costume. But as Reed Richards and Captain America work on a plan to get the heroes home, Spidey is whisked off into a further escalation of the Secret War - with new friends and foes alike! Falcon, Iceman and Daredevil join Spider-Man and the Human Torch at the mercy of Baron Zemo - but what mischief does the Hobgoblin have in store? Drawing on dangling threads from the original series, this all-new tale provides further insight into the machinations of the Beyonders - and brings some fan-favorite characters from the classic SECRET WARS toy line into the fray! Collecting MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #1-4. Rated T+