Nightwing A Knight In Bludhaven Compendium 01 TPB

DC Comics

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Dick Grayson has proven himself as a protege to one of the most critical mentors of all time, Batman.When Dick decides to step out of the shadows as Robin and into the spotlight with his new superhero identity, Nightwing, will he fly or fall? Add a new base of operations in the crime-ridden city Bl dhaven, the former boy wonder will have his work cut out for him.Collects Nightwing (vol. 1) #1-4; Nightwing (vol. 2) #1-25, #1,000,000; Nightwing Annual #1; Wizard Presents:Nightwing #1/2; Nightwing and Huntress #1-4; Green Arrow (vol. 2) #134-135; Robin (vol. 2) #55; and DetectiveComics #723-725 and #1,000,000.