Superman (2023) TPB Volume 02 The Chained

DC Comics

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Superman has learned that Lex Luthor kept a prisoner beneath Stryker's Island for decades.Who are they and why did Lex lock them up? Can Superman unlock the secrets of the Chained?The Man of Steel is challenged like never before when the menace called The Chained is freed from deep beneath Supercorp! Why did Lex Luthor imprison this mysterious foe there in the first place? And will even super-powered armor be enough to give an outmatched Superman the upper hand?Plus, new threats from a transformed Brainiac, the Lex Luthor Revenge Squad, and Luthor’s mother and...daughter?!This acclaimed new chapter in Superman’s adventures teams all-star writer Joshua Williamson (Batman and Robin) with artists Bruno Redondo (Eisner Award winner for Nightwing), Gleb Melnikov (Batman/Superman), and Dan Jurgens (The Death of Superman)!Collects Superman #6-12.